Cindy Axne

Iowa’s 3rd (IA - 03)

Updated: August 2, 2022


Zach Nunn is a corrupt politician out for himself and his donors — not for Iowans.


Voters in the Des Moines media market need to see TV, OTT and digital ads that show Nunn is a corrupt politician advancing his own interests:

  • Nunn used his government title to promote his own employer. (BACK UP)
  • Nunn’s shady tactics go back to college, when he broke the law by spying on another student with a baby monitor. (BACK UP)
  • Zach Nunn called a lobbyist who worked for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and against 9/11 victims an “amazing friend” and his “mentor.” The lobbyist’s firm and its employees have given thousands of dollars to Nunn’s campaigns, and after Nunn was elected to the state House, he even gave Nunn’s wife a job in his lobbying shop. We know what Zach Nunn gets out of the deal, but what’s in it for Larson? (BACK UP)

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