Dan Kildee

Michigan’s 8th (MI - 08)

Updated: August 12, 2022


The people of mid-Michigan just can’t trust Paul Junge to be for them.


When it comes to abortion, voters in the Flint media market, including Black voters, should see TV, OTT and digital ads and mail about:

  • Paul Junge supports the US Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade — Junge is for outlawing abortions in Michigan.
  • Junge even wants to ban abortion in the cases of rape or incest.  He would force pregnancies on teenagers and women who are raped.
  • If elected, Junge’s allies in Congress support passing a federal ban on all abortions.

When it comes to Social Security and Medicare, voters in the Flint media market should see TV, OTT and digital ads and mail about:

  • Paul Junge would join those who tried over 70 times to cut health care coverage for 720,000 Michiganders, allow insurance companies to charge seniors five times more for their healthcare, as well as raise health insurance premiums and taxes on middle-class families.
  • Junge would also team up with those whose agenda threatened funding for Social Security and Medicare while raising taxes on middle class families.
  • Junge’s agenda would hurt mid-Michigan.


Additional Resources

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