Michigan’s 8th (MI - 08)

Updated: October 22, 2020


Paul Junge’s views have real world consequences for Michigan’s working families, particularly on healthcare and prescription drugs.


Voters and voters on the go need to see:

  • Paul Junge refuses to stand-up to unending attempts to repeal health care coverage for the 310,000 in MI-08 who have a pre-existing condition, which will raise health care costs for people with diabetes, cancer, and even COVID-19.
  • Paul Junge supports multi-trillion dollar handouts that benefit corporations and wealthy people like him. Junge wants to make permanent the tax giveaway that delivered massive benefits to the wealthy and big corporations, like drug companies, even as cuts to Social Security and Medicare are threatened to pay for them despite bipartisan opposition. (BACK UP)

Women need to read and see on the go from women allies:

  • In his short stint as a district attorney in California, Junge was removed from a domestic violence case and reprimanded by a Judge for “highly inappropriate” actions, which led to the Judge declaring a mistrial. (BACK UP)
  • As a congressional candidate, Junge opposes the vaccine that would protect women from cervical cancer. (BACK UP)

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