Minnesota’s 1st (MN - 01)

Updated: August 6, 2020

Candidate Cost-per-Point

Media MarketEffective DateCost-Per-Point
Minneapolis-St. Paul 07/14/2020 $375
Rochester 07/14/2020 $110
Mankato 07/14/2020 $50
Sioux Falls 07/14/2020 $68


Congressman Hagedorn has become even more entrenched in the swamp. He is what’s wrong with Washington.


Minnesota voters need to see:

  • Hagedorn sold out to his drug and insurance industry donors – voting against bipartisan reforms to lower the cost of prescription drugs while voting to let insurance companies deny coverage for pre-existing conditions and kick 266,000 Minnesotans off their health care in the middle of a crisis. He’d even let insurance companies impose an “age tax” – charging older Americans more for the same insurance. (BACK UP)
  • After his life in Washington as a bureaucrat and a lobbyist, Congressman Hagedorn is even more entrenched in the swamp (BACK UP)

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