North Carolina’s 11th (NC - 11)

Updated: October 22, 2020


Madison Cawthorn is dishonest and can’t be trusted in a global pandemic to safeguard the health of the people of Western North Carolina.


Voters in North Carolina’s 11th, especially early voters on broadcast and cable, need to know the truth about Madison Cawthorn:

  • Madison Cawthorn has been dishonest with voters about almost everything in his past. Cawthorn called himself the “CEO” of a real estate investment firm, but in reality, he just owned one vacant lot and reported no income from the company. And before that, he claimed he was accepted to the Naval Academy, but admitted under oath he was rejected. He claimed he was admitted to Harvard, Princeton, and other elite schools, but later said he never applied. (BACK UP)
  • Madison Cawthorn claimed coronavirus is overblown, saying it’s no worse than the seasonal flu. Even during a global pandemic and economic crisis, he wants to deny Medicaid even to people who lost their job through no fault of their own and remove protections for seniors and people with pre-existing conditions. (BACK UP)

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