Ohio’s 1st (OH - 01)

Updated: September 17, 2020


After 24 long years in Congress, Steve Chabot has become what people hate about Washington. He’s a shady politician plagued by scandal and beholden to special interests.


Voters in Cincinnati need to see, and voters and African American voters on-the-go need to see and hear, Steve Chabot is ethically challenged:

  • Chabot’s campaign is under an ongoing grand jury investigation. Chabot cannot account for more than $120,000 in contributions.  He blamed his treasurer of nine years – a man who said he had no idea he was Chabot’s campaign treasurer. (BACK UP)
  • Chabot has used his political organization to pay his son-in-law nearly $200,000 and up to eight-times the industry standard for a monthly retainer to manage a website. (BACK UP)

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