Ohio’s 1st (OH - 01)

Updated: October 23, 2020


Voters in Cincinnati need to see “Shady Steve Chabot” is ethically challenged and focused on enriching his own family, not protecting yours.


All voters, and voters in Warren County, need to continue to see:

  • The FBI investigated missing money from Chabot’s campaign after his campaign could not account for more than $120,000. On top of that, Chabot has used his political organization to enrich his family. But when it comes to helping your family pay the bills, Chabot has voted 15 times to increase health care costs and take away protections for people with pre-existing conditions in Ohio, like asthma, cancer and diabetes. (BACK UP)

African Americans need to see, hear and see on the go:

  • Chabot is ethically challenged and votes with Trump 95% of the time – siding with him over the needs of our community. (BACK UP)

18-35 year olds on the go need to see

  • Chabot is ethically challenged and focused on enriching his own family. (BACK UP)

Additional Resources

  • Voters care about health care but they need to be reminded why they can’t trust Shady Chabot.

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