Pennsylvania’s 10th (PA - 10)

Updated: October 23, 2020


Scott Perry doesn’t care about hardworking families in South Central Pennsylvania, he’s a politician who only looks out for the corporate special interests that fund his campaign.


Voters and voters on the go need to see:

  • Perry has taken more than $100,000 from the prescription drug and insurance industries and voted with the drug industry to keep prescription drug prices high. Perry voted to give the drug companies a more than $40 billion tax handout and voted against a bill to reduce drug prices. And is still even advocating to remove healthcare protections from Pennsylvanians during a pandemic. (BACK UP)

Voters and voters on the go need to see from allies:

  • Perry doesn’t know what working families face. He voted to increase the deficit by trillions of dollars to give a massive tax handout to millionaires and big corporations, which they planned to pay for by cuts to your hard-earned Medicare and Social Security. Now he’s voting against extending unemployment insurance to people who lost their jobs due to the coronavirus, and said “who’s living that they’re not going to make it to the next paycheck?” (BACK UP)

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