South Carolina’s 1st (SC - 01)

Updated: October 22, 2020


In the middle of a pandemic, Lowcountry seniors and families can’t trust Nancy Mace to look out for them because she’s only looking out for the special interests.


Voters need to see:

  • In her own words, Mace supports raising the retirement age and wants to privatize retirement programs like Medicare and Social Security, risking seniors’ retirement savings in the stock market. (BACKUP)
  • Mace supports raising taxes on everything from medical procedures, groceries and even prescription drugs by 23 percent, hurting families and seniors on fixed incomes. And she supports a tax plan that added trillions to our national debt. Mace would raise our cost of living and add to our debt, as Lowcountry families and businesses struggle from the coronavirus. (BACKUP)

Additional Resources

  • Fiscal and seniors issues, rather than environmental ones, are front of mind for voters in this district.

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