South Carolina’s 1st (SC - 01)

Updated: June 29, 2020

Candidate Cost-per-Point

Media MarketEffective DateCost-Per-Point
Charleston $80
Savannah $90


Lowcountry seniors and families can’t trust Nancy Mace.

Proof Points

Voters in the Charleston and Savannah media markets need to see that Nancy Mace is a risk to Lowcountry seniors and a threat to health care. Mace can’t be trusted after she pledged to privatize retirement programs and put health care coverage at risk during a pandemic.

  • Mace supports raising the retirement age and wants to privatize seniors’ guaranteed benefits like Medicare and Social Security, risking their retirement in the stock market. (BACKUP)
  • If elected to Congress, Mace vows to derail health laws that protect people with pre-existing conditions. Under Mace’s plan, more than 43,000 SC-01 residents could lose health coverage, and coronavirus patients could be at risk of having their coverage denied. (BACKUP)

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