Michelle Vallejo

Texas’s 15th (TX - 15)

Updated: August 26, 2022


Monica De La Cruz supports policies that only benefit millionaires like herself and greedy corporations that are unfairly raising prices on South Texas working families. In Congress, De La Cruz would make costs higher for South Texas working families and take away hard-earned money from seniors.


Swing voters district-wide who speak English and Spanish need to see TV ads, OTT ads, digital ads, and receive direct mail that Monica De La Cruz only looks out for big corporations and millionaires like herself.

  • Monica De La Cruz supported cutting taxes for the biggest corporations in America and millionaires like herself, making working families in the Valley pay more. 
  • De La Cruz will not look out for our vulnerable parents and grandparents. She supports budgets that would threaten Medicare and would privatize Social Security, gambling our hard-earned benefits on Wall Street.

Women voters district-wide who speak English and Spanish and are concerned about attacks on reproductive healthcare need to receive direct mail and learn more in digital ads about Monica De La Cruz’s extreme anti-choice position on abortion.

  • Monica De La Cruz would ban abortion, even in cases of rape or incest.
  • She supports letting states send doctors and nurses to prison for performing abortions. 


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