Virginia’s 5th (VA - 05)

Updated: October 23, 2020


Former Campbell County Supervisor Bob Good puts the special interests — and himself — ahead of our health and economic wellbeing.


Voters in Roanoke, Charlottesville, and importantly, in Richmond need to see; and voters on the go across the district need to see and read:

  • Bob Good has a pattern of putting special interests above our community, and now he reaps the benefits. As Campbell County Supervisor, Good voted to give a drug company half a million in taxpayer funded giveaways after they pushed addictive opioids in our towns.  And Good voted to allow a second opioid distributor to charge people 26% more for their healthcare. When sick people couldn’t pay, Good voted to allow the company to seize our wages and property.  We now know Good owns stock in both companies but he failed to disclose his stakes in these companies on required ethics filings. Knowingly and willfully filing a materially inaccurate disclosure is a crime. (BACK UP)

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