Radical Yvette Herrell Endorser Sentenced for Jan 6th Conviction

Federal judge convicts Cowboys for Trump founder Couy Griffin for attack on the Capitol

In the last two weeks, Americans have witnessed the House’s Jan. 6 committee clearly depict the well-developed plan to overturn a presidential election and void their sacred votes – culminating in a deadly attack on Congress.

Today, Couy Griffin, who pushed election conspiracy and stormed the Capitol, was sentenced in federal court for his participation in the insurrection.

While Griffin has been held to account, his political ally Rep. Yvette Herrell, who voted against certifying the 2020 presidential election, remains a threat to our democratic institutions.

Herrell has aligned herself with dangerous, MAGA figures like Couy Griffin, who endorsed her congressional run. Herrell returned the favor, saying Griffin was the endorsement she was “most proud of.

Herrell and Griffin continue to perpetuate election conspiracy, with Herrell even accepting campaign donations from fake electors. Herrell’s contempt for our democratic institutions is a threat to New Mexicans and all Americans.

DCCC Spokesperson Maddy Mundy
“Today, Yvette Herrell’s political ally Couy Griffin faced justice for his role in attacking our democracy. This November, New Mexico voters will hold Yvette Herrell accountable for hers; ensuring she is never again able to void their sacred votes.”


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