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RATINGS CHANGE: NE-02 Moved to ‘Tossup’; Bacon Scrambling On Defense

NE-02 continues to be top pickup opportunity for Democrats

Today, the Cook Political Report made official what has been known for months: Rep. Don Bacon is on shaky ground in NE-02. The district has officially moved from “Likely R” to “Tossup,” thanks to the strength of democratic candidate Tony Vargas and Bacon’s extreme agenda that is entirely out of step with Nebraskans.

Bacon’s deeply unpopular support of banning abortion even in the case of rape, incest, or a mother’s life “threatens to put him in a serious bind in this suburban, Biden +6 seat.”

Nebraska’s Second District is now one of just five seats in the entire country held by a Republican incumbent running for re-election that is rated a “toss up” – a clear sign of momentum for Tony Vargas heading into November. 

DCCC Spokesperson Johanna Warshaw:
“Nebraskans are tired of typical D.C. politicians like Don Bacon, who are bought and paid for by special interests and want the government to dictate Americans’ private medical decisions. We look forward to reminding Nebraska voters of Bacon’s extreme agenda to ban all abortions every day until November.”


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