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REMATCH ALERT: Rod Blum Plotting His Comeback

Blum’s latest campaign finance report shows spending on polling

Iowa voters decisively rejected former Congressman Rod Blum last year – but apparently Blum still hasn’t gotten the message.

Blum’s latest campaign finance filing shows that he spent thousands of dollars on polling in the first quarter of this year, suggesting that he’s gearing up for yet another failed campaign. This activity isn’t the only sign that the former Congressman has been busy plotting a comeback. In February, Iowa Starting Line reported that Blum has been running ads on his official Facebook page in advance of a potential comeback.

“No matter how many pollsters he hires or ads he runs, Rod Blum can’t change the fact that he spent years in Washington enriching his corporate cronies and raising the cost of healthcare on Iowa families,” said DCCC Spokesperson Brooke Goren. “Meanwhile, Abby Finkenauer has spent the last 100 days delivering on campaign promises and fighting for the middle class — and that’s exactly why Iowans will choose her over Blum every time.”


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