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Remember When Nicole Malliotakis Promised that Republicans Wouldn’t Repeal Abortion Rights?

Rep. Malliotakis lied to voters to hide how dangerous she and her party are

In an op-ed, Nicole Malliotakis told New Yorkers that Democrats were using “Roe v. Wade as a political bogeyman to scare women and score political points by threatening that electing Republicans would result in this landmark decision on abortion rights being overturned.”

She called it a “lie” and a “scare tactic.”

But now, with Roe v. Wade hanging in the balance, Republican leaders are saying out loud what Democrats warned about: if Republicans win the majority they will work to impose a nationwide abortion ban.

New Yorkers deserve better than Nicole Malliotakis, who lies to try to hide just how dangerous she and her party truly are.

DCCC Spokesperson Nebeyatt Betre

“Nicole Malliotakis lied to voters when she said abortion rights were not under attack, then consistently voted against protecting abortion rights at the state and federal level. New Yorkers deserve better.”


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