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Reminder: George Santos’s Extremist Highlight Reel

The ever-growing list of things Santos hopes you forget

Extremist George Santos is one of the most radical Republicans New York has to offer. Unfortunately for the GOP, Santos’ inability to disguise his fringe far-right antics is sabotaging Kevin McCarthy’s dream of sneaking a GOP yes-man in New York’s Third Congressional District.

With 15 days to go, let’s take a look at just a few of the alarmingly unacceptable statements and positions Santos has offered on the campaign trail:

  • Directly compared abortion to slavery – “We are going to be remembered as the most barbaric generation to ever live.”

  • Personally attended the “Stop the Steal” rally and then admitted on video to providing funds to arrested insurrectionists – “I’ve actually been working on funding a ton of them to get out… imagine breaking into your own house and being charged with trespassing.”

  • Celebrated the overturning of Roe v. Wade, and has already gone on the record to say he will vote for a national ban on abortion – “If it is set down for legislation that we’re going to ban abortion in the United States and I’m given an opportunity to vote, in that case, I will vote to support the ban of abortion in the United States.”

  • Only supports the rights of survivors of rape to undergo an abortion if they have proven police documentation – “Nowadays… you sleep with your partner you don’t like, you know you had a bad day, and you wake up pregnant, and like, ‘I was raped.’”

  • Wants to privatize Social Security, according to his own website.

  • Supported Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill and said the Left wants to “groom our children.”

DCCC Spokesperson Ian Clarke:
“George Santos’ own words are killing his hopes of limping across the finish line this November. We fully expect voters to hold him accountable for his dangerous and reprehensible comments.”


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