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Rep. Andy Kim Delivers Huge Win for New Jersey with Historic Build Back Better Act

Historic investment will drastically expand access to affordable health care, create millions of good-paying jobs, and reduce prices 

Today, Rep. Andy Kim delivered a huge win for New Jersey by voting to pass President Biden and House Democrats’ wildly popular Build Back Better Act.

This transformational legislation will make a real impact on New Jerseyans’ lives, as it lowers prescription drug costs, significantly expands affordable health care, delivers universal pre-k, provides millions of middle-class families and workers a significant tax cut, and makes game-changing investments to bring down costs.

Thanks to Kim, workers and families across New Jersey can expect the Build Back Better Act’s once-in-a-generation investments in affordable housing, child care, affordable health care, and our economy to put New Jerseyans’ money back into their own pockets.

The Build Back Better Act also marks the largest effort to combat climate change in American history, protecting New Jersey’s environment while restoring the U.S. as a world leader in addressing the climate crisis.

While extremist House Republicans overwhelmingly voted “NO” on this legislation that a majority of the American people support, Kim and House Democrats worked to ensure Congress passed this legislation that will invest directly in New Jerseyans themselves, cutting taxes, creating jobs in clean energy, and growing the economy in a way that works better for everyone.

“Today, Rep. Andy Kim proved once again why voters can trust him to deliver real, tangible wins for New Jersey,” said DCCC Spokesperson James Singer. “From tax cuts, to health care expansion, to child care, and housing, workers and families across his district will directly feel the effects of these historic investments, and they’ll know Kim worked to pass this bill that’s going to drastically improve the lives of New Jerseyans.”


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