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Rep. Lauren Underwood Votes to Combat Republican Attacks on Voting Rights, Protect Illinois Voters

Underwood voted to pass critical legislation to protect Americans’ voting rights

Rep. Lauren Underwood and House Democrats took decisive action today and passed historic legislation to protect Americans from Republicans’ harmful attacks on their right to vote.

Democrats’ Freedom to Vote: John R. Lewis Act is more important than ever. As Republican state lawmakers introduce hundreds of bills to suppress voters and pass dozens of laws that limit voters’ access to the ballot box, this bill would expand Americans’ opportunities to vote and combat the GOP’s voter suppression crusade.

While every single House Republican who voted today voted against putting a stop to the onslaught of Jim Crow-style voter suppression laws hurting American voters, Underwood fought to protect the American people’s most sacred right.

DCCC Spokesperson Elena Kuhn
“Lauren Underwood has proven yet again that while Republicans try to suppress the power of voters, she is fighting each day to protect the right to vote for every single Illinoisan.”


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