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REPUBLICAN RECRUITMENT FAIL: Perennial GOP Candidate Dan Schwartz Thinks Another Run For Office Is What Nevadans Want From Him…He Could Not Be More Wrong

Another Retread GOP Candidate For the Voters of NV-03 to Reject

GOP retread Dan Schwartz announced today that he was going to try his luck for higher office for a third time, but this time in Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District.

Schwartz has a tried his hand at running for Congress before, previously running in 2012 for Nevada’s 4th District and losing the primary election in embarrassing fashion to another one of Nevada’s least favorite perennial candidates, Danny Tarkanian…

Then in 2018, Schwartz ran another losing primary campaign, this time losing by over 60% to the eventual gubernatorial loser, Adam Laxalt…

Sensing a theme here…

“Schwartz’s long history of Nevada’s voters rejecting not only him but his values time and again, says all you need to know about how Nevada voters really feel about another Schwartz candidacy – he’s positively Tarkanian,” said DCCC Spokesperson, Andy Orellana. “While Republicans continue to swing and miss in Nevada’s 3rd District, community leader and bipartisan bridge-builder Rep. Susie Lee has been laser focused on finding common ground solutions to increasing public education funding and lowering health care costs for southern Nevada families and will continue to keep fighting on their behalf.”


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