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REPUBLICAN RECRUITMENT FAIL: Presumed GOP Frontrunner Scott Baugh Won’t Run in CA-48

Republicans lose top recruit as Rep. Harley Rouda rapidly builds a strong record


In a major disappointment to Orange County Republicans, former county GOP chair Scott Baugh told the OC Register that, “the timing and circumstances aren’t right” for him to run for Congress in California’s 48th district.


Baugh’s refusal comes as Rep. Harley Rouda has already struck a strong profile just a few months into serving California’s 48th district. Rouda showed himself to be a formidable candidate 2018, with the OC Register reporting that “thousands of right-leaning voters in the district cast ballots for Rouda, supplying more split-ballots that helped a Democrat than any other House race in the county.”


“Scott Baugh’s decision not to run in 2020 is a serious blow to Orange County Republicans’ hopes for this seat, but who can blame him for not wanting to run against Rep. Harley Rouda,” said DCCC Spokesperson Brooke Goren. “Whether it’s fighting for hardworking southern Californians against Republicans’ disastrous tax scam or providing leadership on the environment and infrastructure, Rep. Rouda has already shown that he has what it takes to stand up for the people of the 48th district.”



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