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Republicans Have Already Lost the Tax Debate, Weighing them down in the Midterms

House Republicans have sunk so low in 2017 that many pundits have arbitrarily determined that the passage of the deeply unpopular GOP tax scam would be a “win.” There is zero evidence to support this – in fact, there’s mounting evidence to the contrary. Given the unpopularity of this tax scam, it’s clear that its passage will further harm House Republicans’ standing with the American people – particularly in the House battlefield.

Speaker Ryan’s insistence on making his most vulnerable members walk the plank on a Tax Scam that Americans deeply distrust is a political miscalculation that has potentially huge midterm implications.

“Passing this Tax Scam is only a ‘win’ if Speaker Ryan’s objective is to lose his majority in 2018 and shred the little remaining credibility that the Republican Party has held onto,” said DCCC Spokesman Tyler Law. “The grassroots backlash to this Tax Scam grows fiercer by the day while Democratic candidates are already campaigning on this issue and winning the debate. This will continue to be a serious problem for House Republicans in the midterms.”


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