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Republicans In Disarray In California’s 25th District

Snubbed by the LA GOP, Knight Gallops Back to the Warm Embrace of Minority GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy as the Washington GOP’s Handpicked Candidate

Over the weekend, the Los Angeles GOP snubbed failed former GOP Congressman Steve Knight, instead choosing to endorse fellow Republican Mike Garcia. The very next day, in a rush to turn the page on being overlooked and embarrassed by his local GOP, Knight galloped right back to the Washington swamp to secure the endorsement of GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy.

Reminder: Steve Knight was the last GOP Member of Congress to represent portions of Los Angeles County. Now his local GOP won’t even return his calls.

Double Reminder: In 2018 McCarthy played a “pivotal role” in making the California GOP walk the plank for Trump – on health care and taxes – costing his party seven seats in California, including that of now-former Congressman Steve Knight.

“After the LA GOP snubbed their last GOP Congressman, Knight galloped right back to the warm embrace of Kevin McCarthy and is now officially running as the Washington GOP’s handpicked candidate,” said DCCC Western Press Secretary Andy Orellana. “When Knight last served, he walked the plank for McCarthy – supporting Trump’s tax scam and cuts to health care for Californians. The voters of CA-25 will not forget Knight sold them out to the Washington GOP.”


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