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Republicans Talk Shop About Everything That Will Lead Them to Failure in 2024

House Republicans plan to revisit, discuss positions and plans they have already made clear

According to reports from Punchbowl News, House Republicans’ Elected Leadership Committee is set to meet today to talk about their priorities for their short term stay in the majority. The leadership team is being joined by some of the most extreme and politically expedient, self-serving House Republicans.

What is there to discuss? House Republicans have already made their priorities and policy positions clear. Here is a reality check on the reported agenda items.

Topic: The political landscape.

  • Reality: Every vulnerable Republican is siding with far-right extremists. House Republicans are taking votes to restrict abortion access, help wealthy tax cheats go unchecked, and empower far-right members of their caucus through backroom deals and dangerous policy concessions. Every vote, every concession, and every statement siding with Kevin McCarthy and MAGA extremists will cost vulnerable Republicans in 2024.

  • House Democrats only need 5 seats to take back the majority in 2024 and we’re in a strong position to do that. We are going to recruit strong candidates, raise the critical resources we need, drive a clear message to voters, and hold Republicans accountable.

Topic: Legislative priorities.

  • Republicans’ plan: In addition to votes already taken, House Republicans are seeking to halt funding for Ukraine as it fights back against Russia’s unjustified aggression, ban abortion nationwide, gut Social Security and Medicare, villainize government agencies that keep our country safe, raise prescription drug prices by repealing components of the Inflation Reduction Act that lowered them, consider a 30% consumer sales tax, and more.

Topic: Budget, appropriations and debt ceiling.

  • Republicans’ plan: House Republicans are using the American people and the US economy as bargaining chips for their MAGA agenda and special interests. House Republicans are trying to leverage this must-pass legislation to force cuts to essential federal programs like Social Security, Medicare, food security programs, law enforcement agencies, and more.

  • According to a report from Third Way, if the U.S. were to default:

    • The United States could shed as many as 3 million jobs—undoing nine months of employment growth.

    • A typical worker near retirement with 401(k) savings could lose $20,000.

    • The average new 30-year mortgage would cost an additional $130,000.

    • It would become harder to borrow for everything from small business loans to student loans.

    • American consumers will see higher price tags for everyday items.

    • The national debt would increase by $850 billion.

  • House Republicans did not care about the national debt when they helped Donald Trump add $8 trillion to the tab with unpaid-for tax cuts for the ultra-wealthy and giant corporations. But now that government funding is going towards rebuilding crumbling infrastructure, lowering healthcare costs for seniors and veterans, and boosting American manufacturing, Republicans are again refusing to pay the bills and are willing to tank the U.S. economy.

Topic: Oversight and accountability.

  • Republicans’ plan: House Republicans have placed some of their caucus’ most extreme members – like Reps. Scott Perry, Lauren Boebert, and Marjorie Taylor Greene – on oversight committees. Let’s be clear: these planned investigations are purely political, unserious, and driven by conspiracy theorists that seek to undermine the integrity of real investigations – like the investigation into members, like Scott Perry, who tried to overthrow the U.S. government on January 6th.

  • For their own political benefit and Donald Trump’s personal vendettas, House Republicans seek to villainize law enforcement agencies that keep our country safe like DHS, the DOJ, and FBI.

DCCC spokesperson Tommy Garcia:
“Consumed with chaos and dysfunction but unified around far-right policy initiatives, House Republicans have already shown voters that they are unfit to lead. Every concession made, every extreme bill passed, and every MAGA Republican priority met will cost vulnerable Republicans in 2024.”


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