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RETIREMENT WATCH: With Congresswoman Susan Brooks Retiring, is Ann Wagner Next?

With GOP efforts at wooing women and suburban voters flagging, will Ann Wagner throw in the towel too?

This morning, Congresswoman Susan Brooks – the House GOP’s recruitment chair – dealt Republicans a “stunning blow” by announcing her retirement, and now pundits and analysts are wondering who’s next?

Look no further than Congresswoman Ann Wagner (R-Luxembourg), who also represents a heavily suburban district that’s trending away from Republicans faster than Wagner can rewrite her record.

Just like Brooks, Wagner’s efforts to boost the role of Republican women have been stymied and she’s been blocked from climbing the GOP’s ladder by Republican House leadership. Like Brooks, Wagner is coping with life in the minority for the first time since she came to Washington. And, both Brooks and Wagner have been placed on the DCCC’s Retirement Watch List.

Things aren’t looking up for Congresswoman Wagner in DC, and with a tough re-election fight coming up after she barely eeked out a win in 2018, is Wagner ready to call it quits?

“With Congresswoman Brooks’ retirement, all eyes are on Congresswoman Wagner to see whether she’s going to throw in the towel too,” said DCCC spokesperson Mike Gwin. “With GOP leadership sidelining her, with her district trending away from her, and with another tough re-election fight on the horizon, is Ann Wagner going to call it quits?”


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