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RETIREMENT WATCH: Susan Brooks Throws in the Towel

As IN-05 Trends Democratic, The House Republicans’ Own Recruitment Chair (!) Decides to Call it a Day, Paving Way for Top Democratic Pickup Opportunity

Well, this isn’t a good sign for Republicans.

Congresswoman Susan Brooks – the top recruiter for House Republicans – announced this morning that she will not seek re-election. While this news will certainly come as a shock to House GOP leadership (Brooks didn’t even bother to tell them in advance), it’s hard to blame her.

Brooks’ seat had already been announced as a top target for the DCCC this cycle, and had been added to the DCCC’s (eerily prescient) Retirement Watch list, leading local pundits to predict her political demise. With the Indianapolis suburbs trending Democratic, and with rumors previously circulating of a primary challenge from the right, expect a nasty Republican primary race to the fringes, while Democrats aggressively target this increasingly competitive district.

“Congresswoman Brooks’ retirement only confirms what we already knew: that Indiana’s 5th District will be a top pick-up opportunity for Democrats next November,” said DCCC spokesperson Mike Gwin. “While Republican candidates will inevitably compete to see who can most closely embrace a special-interest backed agenda that’s out of step with this district, Democrats will compete aggressively here by focusing on putting money back in the pockets of middle-class Hoosier families.”


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