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Rich McCormick Downplayed the Virus and Pushed Snake Oil. Now Coronavirus is Raging in GA-07.

McCormick in February: “Tell me what we haven’t done to contain this virus. So far, nobody in the United States has died of it. We have zero cases in Georgia. To put this in perspective, 12,000 people die every year of the flu.”

Gwinnett Daily Post last week: “Gwinnett is Georgia’s second most populous county, but has now had more cases than any other county in state.”

As communities across Georgia’s 7th Congressional District are ravaged by coronavirus, its Republican nominee stands alone for his culpability in advancing lies and disinformation about this deadly disease.

The facts are clear: Rich McCormick downplayed the virus and pushed snake oil drugs. Today, coronavirus is raging in the district and across the state.

To recap: McCormick repeatedly downplayed the severity of coronavirus, used the racist “Chinese Virus” term, consistently praised Gov. Kemp’s hasty reopening, hawked the dangerous FDA-revoked hydroxychloroquine drug – and then doubled down on it, declaring his medical advice should not be questioned.

On June 13, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution noted “Gwinnett now has more coronavirus cases than anywhere else in Georgia.” Last week, the Gwinnett Daily Post reported the county surpassed 6,600 cases – the most of any Georgia county.

And just yesterday, while Georgia reported an all-time-high number of new coronavirus cases, McCormick set a new personal record for being out of his depth.

With unemployment at historic levels across the 7th District and more Americans jobless now than at any time since the Great Depression, McCormick rolled out a shockingly out-of-touch campaign video, pledging to “double down on the Trump economy,” a comment that echoed his June 19 description of America’s depression-level economy as “amazing.”

These are the politically deadly sins of the coronavirus crisis and they make McCormick one of the most deeply flawed congressional candidates in the nation.


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