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Rod Blum “ABSOLUTELY!” Supporting Trump

After ignoring “multiple requests for comment” from the Des Moines Register yesterday, Rod Blum went on conservative radio to express his emphatic support for Donald Trump.

Last year, Blum appeared to compare himself to Trump and noted his ability to tap into a “pride in the country.” Now he’s praising his Make American Great Again message.


“Congressman Blum seems eager to face the consequences of sharing a ballot with Trump,” said DCCC Spokesman Tyler Law. “To be fair, this isn’t all that surprising considering almost every notable action he has taken in Congress alienated hardworking families in his district.”


HOST: Obviously the story of the week is the presidential campaign. The last time you and I talked you said you would support the Republican nominee. It now does appear it would be Donald Trump. So the first question is are you still supporting the nominee of your party?

BLUM: Oh absolutely. Yes, it does appear that it’s Donald Trump and I will support whoever the nominee is of our party is.

BLUM: I think they like his message of make America great again

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