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Rodney Davis’ Broken Promise on Healthcare Already Costing Illinois

Rep. Rodney Davis isn’t being honest about healthcare, and it is already costing Illinois families in higher health insurance premiums. Despite claiming he wants a bipartisan solution, Davis has been fully on board with Speaker Paul Ryan’s healthcare agenda and even said in a video taken by concerned constituents that he wants “to do everything we can to defund” the healthcare law and “peel it back layer by layer.” That is exactly what President Trump has begun to do after Davis and his Republican Congress repeatedly failed to pass healthcare repeal, and it has already led to a 15% increase in premiums for Illinois this year, and could further increase premiums next year.

“Rep. Rodney Davis and Washington Republicans’ focus on tearing down the healthcare system instead of working with Democrats on solutions is the reason that Illinois families are facing higher premiums this year,” said DCCC spokesperson Jacob Peters. “Rodney Davis refuses to support the only bipartisan solution on the table to lower costs. Every step of the way Rodney Davis has shown that he is part of the problem with this do-nothing Congress, and his broken promise on healthcare is already costing Illinois.”

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