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Roe v Wade is Gone, Monica De La Cruz Is Next

Today marks the 51st anniversary of Roe v Wade, and anti-abortion extremsists like Monica De La Cruz are thrilled that Roe was overturned. In fact, De La Cruz was so happy about abortion bans like the one that forced Kate Cox to leave Texas for health care, she rushed to celebrate this cruel law the day after it took effect. 

Just last week, Monica De La Cruz voted for legislation supporting “deceptive” crisis pregnancy centers. This was after the Daily Beast exposed De La Cruz for her “anti-abortion stances…vanishing from her website.”

Monica De La Cruz also voted for MAGA Speaker Mike Johnson, who wants to ban abortion nationwide without exceptions for rape, incest, or the life of the mother.

New polling recently found that abortion rights have historic levels of support with voters, including 66% of voters who oppose ongoing Republican efforts to pass a national abortion ban.

REMINDER: The Chair of the NRCC encouraged his vulnerable members – like De La Cruz – to brag about their extreme anti-abortion positions on the campaign trail: “Republicans don’t have a policy problem. We have a branding problem.”

DCCC Spokesperson Lauryn Fanguen:
“Texas is ground zero for so many of the enraging and heartbreaking abortion bans and stories we’re seeing across the country – and Monica De La Cruz is elated. De La Cruz refuses to listen to the Texas women who desperately want her to stop stripping them of their rights. Those same women will ensure that she pays the price in November.”



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