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After Rooney Retirement Announcement, DCCC Urges Florida Resident Jim Oberweis to Move Home and Run in FL-19

Oberweis Claims $2.6M Florida Condo as Primary Residence to Get Big Tax Break

If Florida is the Sunshine State, then the sun sure is shining on Jim Oberweis today. Now that Florida Congressman Francis Rooney (FL-19) announced his retirement, Oberweis can finally stop pretending to be an Illinoisan and return to the Sunshine State to run for Congress in Florida 19 – aka his home district.

Reminder: A 2014 NBC Chicago investigation found that Oberweis “has a Florida home listed as his family’s primary residence — and is receiving a healthy tax benefit because of it” and just last year he purchased an even more expensive condo from which he receives a $50,000 tax break, both of which are in retiring-Congressman Rooney’s FL-19 district.

That makes two big breaks for Jim Oberweis: One on his taxes and one for his political future.

Finally, Jim can run for office in a place where he actually lives and where his neighbors may not know him as the serial political loser who’s run for Illinois governor, U.S. Senate, and U.S. House six times and lost six times.

“Congressman Rooney’s retirement is the opportunity of a lifetime for Jim Oberweis,” said DCCC Spokesperson Courtney Rice. “Finally, Oberweis can leave behind the state that notoriously doesn’t love him back and trade it for the sandy beaches of Bonita Springs, Florida – where he already lives. Heck, maybe he’d finally get a win.”


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