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Roskam Scrambling to Sell Middle Class Double Tax

Rep. Peter Roskam was supposed to introduce his big corporate tax cut bill today, but the grand reveal was delayed because Roskam and Washington Republicans are scrambling to sell their harmful middle class double tax. Roskam’s tax plan calls for eliminating or severely weakening the State and Local Tax (SALT) Deduction, which would allow Chicagoland families to be taxed twice on their income.

45 percent of Roskam’s constituents claimed the SALT deduction last year for nearly $5 billion in federal tax relief.

“Right now, Rep. Peter Roskam is cutting a backroom deal with Washington Republicans to hike taxes on middle class families in Chicagoland,” said DCCC spokesperson Jacob Peters. “Peter Roskam is promising a ‘soft landing,’ but Chicagoland families remember that the last time Roskam cut a backroom deal with Speaker Paul Ryan, 30,000 of his own constituents almost lost their healthcare.”



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