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Ross Spano’s Worthless Campaign

A 138 percent burn rate, more debt than cash-on-hand, and sketchy donations… It’s a mess!

Ross Spano’s campaign is worthless.

No, really.

On Monday, the embattled congressman waited until the FEC deadline to sheepishly trot out one of the most atrocious Q2 reports of any Member of Congress in America.

According to his new report with the Federal Elections Commission, Spano’s scandal-battered campaign committee literally owes more money than it’s worth: -$16,428.32.

Spano’s campaign has still failed to repay the $169,500 in “personal loans” from Spano that were actually illegal contributions: part of his hair-brained scheme to finance his 2018 campaign with other people’s secret money that has already landed him in hot water with the FBI and FEC.

And incredibly, after blowing past federal contribution limits and illegally borrowing $70,000 from Karen Hunt in 2018, Spano revealed a brand-new $2,000 contribution from Karen and James Hunt in June 2019. Must be nice!

All told, his latest FEC report paints the picture of a deeply unpopular congressman limping into 2020.

At least Spano raised more than $0 in grassroots contributions this time – hopefully the whopping 0.3% he received from small donors this time wasn’t also part of a test.

“Ross Spano is one of the most corrupt members of Congress and his woes keep mounting, from FBI complaints to anemic campaign fundraising,” DCCC Spokesperson Avery Jaffe said. “Spano is so corrupt that he’s even struggled to convince job-seekers to work for him, but that hasn’t stopped him from repeatedly voting to weaken protections for people with pre-existing conditions and throwing his constituents under the bus.”


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