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Ryan Zinke-Manufactured Default Would Strip Away Social Security Benefits First

A new report shows as many as 27 million seniors will be the first victims of MAGA Republican hostage-taking

As Ryan Zinke and MAGA extremists in Congress continue to hold the nation hostage, refusing to negotiate in good faith to avert a job-killing default, a new Washington Post report highlights that Republican brinkmanship would hurt America’s oldest and most vulnerable seniors first.

The first wave of Social Security payments on June 2 – just a day after Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s warned X-date – are in danger of being missed. These payments go to retirees over 88, people with disabilities, and seniors with low incomes.

MAGA Republicans are boasting about taking the US economy hostage – all while pushing for default – because it “bodes very well” for Republicans in the 2024 elections.

DCCC spokesperson Jacob Haythorn:
“Ryan Zinke would prefer a default over a bipartisan deal, and now it’s clear that his brinkmanship would devastate our most vulnerable seniors who rely on their earned Social Security benefits to survive. Zinke has bowed to the most extreme members of his Conference and because of his inability to stand up to his Party, our seniors will pay the price for his recklessness.”


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