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Ryan Zinke’s Dangerous Views on Freedom to Choose: What Montanans Need to Know

As SCOTUS hears oral arguments to decide the fate of Roe v. Wade, Ryan Zinke’s anti-freedom, anti-health care record is back in the spotlight

This week, the Supreme Court began hearing oral arguments in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization — a pivotal case that could unravel the constitutional right to privacy and abortion guaranteed by Roe v. Wade. 

As SCOTUS weighs the fate of Roe v. Wade, here’s what Montanans need to know about Ryan Zinke’s attacks on women’s reproductive freedom and health care: 

  • Ryan Zinke repeatedly voted to make it harder for women to seek safe, legal abortions — interjecting politics into a decision that 75% of Americans believe should be left to a woman and her doctor.

  • Zinke was endorsed by extremist anti-choice groups National Right-to-Life Association and Montana Right-to-Life.

  • Zinke has voted to defund Planned Parenthood, making it harder for Montana women to access basic health care services like birth control, cancer screenings, and preventative care.

DCCC Spokesperson Johanna Warshaw:

“As the Supreme Court begins to hear oral arguments on a case that could decide the fate of Roe v. Wade, Montanans are reminded that Ryan Zinke has repeatedly tried to inject politics into women’s private health care decisions. Make no mistake — Zinke is a direct threat to women’s freedoms and health care not just in Montana, but across the country.”


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