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San Diegans Sure to Welcome Los Angeles Resident Omar Qudrat to their District

WASHINGTON – In response to the announcement by Republican Omar Qudrat that he will be challenging Scott Peters for California’s 52nd Congressional District, DCCC spokesperson Drew Godinich released the following statement:

“We welcome Omar to the race – just as I’m sure the people of San Diego will welcome him when he decides to uproot himself from Los Angeles and move to the district he hopes to represent in Congress.”


When Qudrat declared his candidacy to represent California’s 52nd Congressional District, he claimed to be “a son of Southern California,” but the reality is that Qudrat has extensive ties to Washington D.C. and Los Angeles and no discernible ties to San Diego. Qudrat most recently voted – in the November 2016 election – in Los Angeles, where he re-registered in October 2016 and had maintained an active registration as of June 19, 2017. The only address that Qudrat has been affiliated with in San Diego County is the one listed on his FEC filing – 970 Seacoast Drive Suite 7, San Diego. However, this address is in the 51st Congressional District, and is listed as a tax business office owned by former U.S. Representative Brian Bilbray. As if this all wasn’t enough, Qudrat listed his Washington, DC property as his primary address despite voting in Los Angeles.

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