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Santos Lies Again As He Insists His Record of Lies & Deception Doesn’t Matter

Insiders reveal senior House Republicans knew all about Santos’ lies during the campaign 

As extremist George Santos finally admits to lying about core aspects of his resume, the serial-liar seemingly couldn’t help but lie yet again as he tried to justify his actions.

When asked about his false claim of being a descendant of Jewish refugees, Santos said he “never claimed to be Jewish,” but rather was “‘Jew-ish’” after he learned of his maternal family’s background.

But in a Jewish Insider profile piece from last month, in which he is repeatedly highlighted as the “next Jewish Republican congressman”, Santos in fact “described himself” as a “Jew”.

From lying about owning real estate properties, lying about graduating from college, lying about working at high-profile Wall Street firms, can anyone really expect George Santos to suddenly start telling the truth now?

Notably, Santos also failed to clarify just how his alleged consulting firm – which he suspiciously revived a day after the New York Times report on his lies published – came into millions of dollars in assets that helped fund his deceitful campaign. His consistent failure to disclose important details about his firm’s assets and clients has election law experts predicting serious trouble for Santos if he continues to omit key information.

Let’s not forget: we asked last week just how much Republicans knew about Santos’ lies. Turns out they knew a lot.

According to the New York Post “Senior House Republicans were apparently aware of the inaccuracies and embellishments in the member-elect’s resume, and the topic became a ‘running joke,’” showing just how little respect House Republicans have for Long Island voters.

DCCC Spokesperson Nebeyatt Betre
“Even in his fake apology, he’s lying again. George Santos is delusional if he thinks voters will trust him after he’s been exposed for lie after lie and continues to withhold key information.”

Read the report here:
New York Post: Liar Rep.-elect George Santos admits fabricating key details of his bio


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