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GOP Rep. John Katko Not Seeking Reelection After Extremist Conservatives Push Him Off the Deep End 

Rep. John Katko – one of the most vulnerable House Republicans – announced Friday that he would not seek reelection in New York’s 24th district. The Kevin McCarthys, Scott Perrys, and Majorie Taylor Greenes of the party continue to push vulnerable incumbents like Katko to follow their extremist rhetoric or give up. Taylor Greene herself said “We are not the fringe. We are the base of the party.”

John Katko knew he had no chance running as the extremist his party bosses and conservative allies wanted, so he tucked his tail and decided to retire.

Katko’s party is running toward their extremist base, and he knows Central New York voters will not support the GOP’s hardline turn toward Trumpism.

Katko’s retirement reflects a fraying Republican caucus. Heading into election year, vulnerable GOP incumbents know that voters will not buy what the far-right is selling.

DCCC Spokesperson Abel Iraola
“It makes perfect sense that Rep. Katko decided to resign rather than try and run in a political environment that is so toxic for so-called GOP moderates. Republican leaders continue to push their members to the far-right extreme and it is showing its wear on vulnerable members.”


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