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Schweikert Scrambling to Sell Middle Class Double Tax

Rep. David Schweikert was supposed to reveal the much-hyped Republican tax plan today, which was delayed as Schweikert and Washington Republicans scramble to sell their harmful middle class double tax. As a main architect, Schweikert’s plan is rumored to eliminate or severely weaken the State and Local Tax (SALT) Deduction, which would allow hundreds of thousands of Arizonans to be taxed twice on their income.

30 percent of taxpayers in Schweikert’s district claimed the SALT deduction last year for nearly $500 million in federal tax relief.

“Right now, Rep. David Schweikert is cutting a backroom deal with Washington Republicans to hike taxes on middle class families,” said DCCC spokesperson Rachel Irwin. “The last time David Schweikert and Speaker Ryan cut a deal behind closed doors, 43,000 of his constituents almost lost their healthcare. Schweikert clearly can’t be trusted if he’s crafting a deal that benefits special interests and the ultra-wealthy at the expense of his constituents.”

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