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Scott Garrett Embarrasses Himself, Offends Everyone In One Day

It was a rough day for Congressman Scott Garrett as press both at home and nationally took him to task for his extreme pro-discrimination views. Garrett was already feeling the heat earlier this week as the Newark Star-Ledger lambasted him for supporting pro-discriminatory legislation against LGBT Americans. Yesterday, Garrett managed to take it to a whole new level with reports that he’s actively trying to prevent LBGT candidates from being able to get elected to office – offending LGBT activists, Democrats, Republicans, and pretty much anyone with a sense of basic decency. Meanwhile, Garrett’s gone silent, dodging multiple press calls, refusing to apologize or even answer for extreme, pro-discrimination record.

Statement from DCCC Spokesman Jeb Fain:With his hateful record of supporting discrimination against LGBT Americans, Congressman Garrett has continuously proven himself to be a complete embarrassment to his own constituents. Although Congressman Garrett is doing a great job of it on his own, we’re going to help make sure New Jersey knows just how out-of-touch Congressman Garrett is as he faces a tough re-election fight in 2016.”

Republican leaders need to make clear to Garrett that if he indeed believes gays and lesbians should not run for office as Republicans, then Garrett should no longer run for office as a Republican either.

There is room for gays and lesbians in the GOP. But for Garrett, we are not so sure.

And Rep. Scott Garrett, who belongs in a district in Alabama or Mississippi but somehow keeps getting elected in a swing district in suburban New Jersey, has announced that he refuses to support the National Republican Congressional Committee because it has recruited gay Republicans to run for Congress.

Because if there’s anything wrong with today’s GOP, it’s that it’s too welcoming to gay people.

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