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Seeing the Writing on the Wall, Swing District Republicans Paper Over Toxic Anti-Abortion Positions

New reporting from CNN and POLITICO exposes how Republicans in swing districts are trying to scrub their websites or walk back their positions on abortion in an effort to hide their extremely unpopular views.

  • MI-07 GOP nominee Tom Barrett previously branded himself as “100% pro life – no exceptions,” but following the vote in Kansas where voters turned out to protect abortion Barrett scrubbed his website of his position.

  • NC-06 GOP nominee Christian Castelli removed his anti-abortion rights position from his site.

  • MN-02 GOP nominee Tyler Kistner called himself “100% Pro-Life” on his 2020 website, but it has since been removed.

  • IA-03 GOP nominee Zach Nunn raised his hand in support of making abortion illegal, with no exceptions, but he recently published a deceptive op-ed attempting to walk back his position.

  • KS-03 GOP nominee Amanda Adkins previously supported “a Human Life Amendment to the U. S. Constitution,” and “legislation to make clear the Fourteenth Amendment’s protection applies to unborn children.” But after nearly seven in 10 KS-03 voters chose to protect abortion rights in Kansas, Adkins wrote her own  deceptive op-ed saying she did not “support a federal ban on abortion.”

  • CO-08 GOP nominee Barb Kirkmeyer also removed the “Sanctity of Life” section from her website. Kirkmeyer firmly stood against abortion access even “under extenuating circumstances,” and proudly touted her vote to ban Plan B. This month, Kirkmeyer refused to answer whether she would vote for the federal nationwide abortion Republicans are planning, saying she would have to “evaluate it.”

Since Dobbs, voters have shown in special elections and in Kansas that they are eager to reject Republicans’ crusade against reproductive freedom. Despite their early dismissal of abortion as a motivating issue, Republicans are beginning to see that voters care deeply about protecting abortion access, and are in an all out race to walk back their toxic positions before voters notice.

DCCC spokesperson Helen Kalla:
“It doesn’t matter how fast Republicans run to erase their toxic, unpopular, and dangerous positions – Democrats will make sure voters know exactly the threat that Republicans pose to our freedoms.”


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