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Sessions admits Repeal & Ripoff “not the answer,” but will he vote for it?

It’s not every day Republicans admit that their health care Repeal and Ripoff bill is “not the answer.” Then again, it’s not every day that the party in singular control of Congress is busy stripping health insurance away from millions of Americans, and peeling back protections for people living with preexisting conditions.

“Congressman Pete Sessions clearly knows his party’s health care repeal and ripoff bill is bad for people he claims to represent, but there is zero indication he’ll fight for their best interests rather than stand with the political needs of Washington Republicans. That’s why voters are calling for a change and it’s exactly why they’ll send him home next November,” said Cole Leiter, DCCC spokesperson.


Dallas Republican Pete Sessions says GOP plan doesn’t resolve health care problem | Dallas Morning News

By Gromer Jeffers

  • Dallas Rep. Pete Sessions said the Republican health care plan being debated in the Senate would rid the marketplace of the Affordable Care Act, but leave open the question of coverage and costs.
  • Democrats blasted Sessions’ remarks, pointing out that he appeared clueless about the impact the House GOP plan would have on Americans.
  • The Senate unveiled its health care plan Supporters, who concede it’s a work in progress, say it will cut costs and allow Americans to buy better insurance coverage that fits them. It would also cut spending and thus reduce the federal deficit.
  • But critics point out that it phases out the Medicaid expansion that’s a hallmark of the existing law and gradually reduces federal contributions to the program. That could result in millions of Americans losing health care coverage.
  • Others worry that the Senate plan would cause insurance premiums for older Americans to soar, while giving a break to the rich and younger people who don’t need much care.
  • Sessions conceded that there’s work to be done.
  • “Do I think this is the final answer? No,” he said. “What they’re doing is answering the call to the problem, not the answer, in my opinion. I believe the answer should have been included, and that is to make sure that every single person under the tax credit would be allowed to go into a free market.”

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