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Shady Chabot’s Sister: “Kate [Schroder] Can Put Her Sign in Our Yard”

Congressman Chabot can’t even count on his own family to support his re-election.

As the Cincinnati Enquirer reports, Shady Chabot’s sister posted publicly on Facebook denouncing her brother for his failure to support USPS funding: “People aren’t getting their critical medications. People’s lives are being affected…The House did its job last night (no thanks to you)…”

But Chabot’s sister didn’t stop there. In a damning indictment of just how much Chabot has become a creature of Washington, his sister justified her support of Schroder saying: “our country is worth saving, even if it requires hard personal choices like country over family.”


DCCC Spokesperson Sarah Guggenheimer released the following statement:

“If Shady Chabot can’t even convince members of his own family to support him, why should anyone else?”


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