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SHOT/CHASER: Mike Bishop Caught Lying About Michigan Bridge Promise


“I never once promised a vote on that bridge.” — Mike Bishop (Interview with WHMI, 4/3/2016)



“Bishop Promises Up-Or-Down Vote on DRIC.” (Gongwer, 5/26/2010)


“Mike Bishop has made a habit of putting his own wellbeing ahead of Michigan families – as evidenced by him charging taxpayers for his staffer’s luxury DC apartment while voting to slash funding for higher education, privatize Medicare, and accepting thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from special interests,” said DCCC spokeswoman Sacha Haworth. “While we know Bishop is fond of breaking his promise to voters, this latest sleight of hand won’t change the fact that Mike Bishop’s extreme, anti-women and anti-working families agenda is completely wrong for Michigan’s 8th District.”


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