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Six Months After 1/6, Derrick Van Orden Still Won’t Come Clean On His Involvement in Capitol Insurrection

Van Orden refuses to answer questions on his attendance at the Capitol riot even as he was “photographed inside a restricted area on the Capitol grounds”

Today marks six months since the deadly attack on the U.S. Capitol, but failed candidate Derrick Van Orden is still refusing to come clean on his involvement in the insurrection. 

Last week a bombshell report found new “photos and videos from social media show[ing] Van Orden in a restricted area of Capitol grounds while the mob of Trump supporters were storming and entering the building” after he previously tried to cover it up. Reports also show Van Orden bankrolled the trip on his campaign’s dime, raising concern among multiple nonpartisan government watchdog groups including Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington and Common Cause Wisconsin.

And as the overwhelming evidence about his presence during the deadly riot and assault on our Democracy piles up, Van Orden has come up short of excuses — “refusing to go into more detail” or dispute any aspects of the local and national reports as false.

“From Derrick Van Orden’s attendance on Capitol grounds during a deadly insurrection, to dangerously peddling the Big Lie that the election was stolen, one thing is clear: Van Orden has shown he’s unfit to serve Wisconsin,” said DCCC spokesperson Elena Kuhn. “Van Orden owes Wisconsinites answers immediately on why he lied about his involvement in a deadly attack on our democracy.”


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