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Spano Campaign: Actually, We Raised $0 from the Grassroots!

You used to call me on my self-own…

The DCCC would like to issue a formal retraction.

We’re sorry for claiming scandal-plagued Congressman Ross Spano raised just $1 from the grassroots. Turns out, he didn’t raise a dime!

In April, Spano was roasted and ridiculed for hauling in one measly dollar in grassroots contributions.

But this week, the embattled congressman’s campaign strangely volunteered that they actually raised $0 from the grassroots. Thanks!

“‘The $1 donation was a test to ensure our systems were working post-swearing in,’ Spano spokeswoman Sandi Poreda said in an email. ‘Obviously, grassroots support is a critical component to a successful campaign’”


Also, most people understand the law of holes: if you find yourself in one, stop digging.

Clearly, Congressman Spano is not one of those people.

“Ross Spano is one of the most corrupt members of Congress and his campaign committee is ‘heavily in debt,’ so we agree with him that grassroots support is critical to a successful campaign,” DCCC Spokesperson Avery Jaffe said. “After repeatedly voting to weaken protections for people with pre-existing conditions, it’s no wonder why he doesn’t have any pre-existing support heading into 2020.”



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