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“A Stain on All of Us”: House Reprimands Schweikert in Voice Vote

Reprimand follows Schweikert admitting to 11 ethics rules violations

For the first time in 8 years, the House of Representatives issued a formal reprimand against a member of the House – Congressman David Schweikert – for personally benefitting from his office, violating 11 ethics rules.

On the House floor, Schweikert’s colleagues spoke out against his behavior going so far as to say his actions have put “a stain on all of us.”

REMINDER: Schweikert had previously downplayed the accusations saying any ethical issues were “purely clerical” and the fault of his staff members.

“Congressman Schweikert has become a national embarrassment,” said DCCC Spokesperson Sarah Guggenheimer. “This House reprimand is the final nail in the coffin of any respect Congressman Schweikert had among his constituents or colleagues. After these massive ethics charges, Arizonans know they can’t trust him to do anything in office aside from line his own pockets.”



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