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Statement on Rep. Coffman Shamelessly Fundraising off Wounded Veterans

BuzzFeed reported today that Congressman Coffman has been using the VA hospital scandal in his district to raise money for his campaign.  His fundraising campaign includes Google ads directing people to fill out their information and donate. That’s right – he is asking people to give him money so he can do the job he was elected to do as member of Congress.

“Fully funding the hospital in Aurora and holding the VA accountable is critical to fulfilling our promise to all veterans,” said DCCC Communications Director Matt Thornton. “But Congressman Coffman is shaking people down for money just to do his job. Colorado veterans deserve better and he should apologize.”

Below is the article that BuzzFeed published today:

Colorado Congressman Fundraising Off Of VA Problems

“Will you stand with me to hold the VA accountable to its vast mismanagement and disservice to our veterans,” reads Rep. Mike Coffman’s page, before prompting you to donate to his campaign.

Rep. Mike Coffman, a Colorado Republican, appears to be fundraising off of the recent scandals that have plagued Veterans Affairs hospitals around the country.

The VA, which has dealt with issues of poor care and mismanagement for decades, was thrust into the spotlight last year when reports surfaced that at least 40 veterans had died waiting for their appointments with the Phoenix Veterans Affairs health care system. Reports of similar abuses at other VA hospitals emerged soon after.

A search of Coffman’s name brings up a site which leads to a page about the scandal where you can enter your email and donate.

“The outrageous mismanagement of the Colorado VA Hospital in Aurora is just one example of how the VA is failing our veterans and placing their basic needs at risk,” reads the page on Coffman’s site linked from the Google ad. “For more than a decade, Colorado’s veterans have been promised the state-of-the-art healthcare the hospital will provide – and yet it still sits unfinished and massively over-budget.”

A message for comment was not returned.

Googling Coffman’s name brings up the ads:

coffman google

The website: 

coffman for congress


Entering your information takes you to his page to donate:

coffman for congress


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