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Stefanik Must Walk the Plank on Toxic GOP Tax Scam

Last week, in the dead of night, the Senate passed its version of the Republican tax scam, an historically unpopular piece of legislation that 52% of Americans oppose. The bill includes tax hikes for middle-class Americans, massive giveaways to corporations and the wealthy, and repeals a crucial part of the Affordable Care Act that would cost 13 million Americans their health insurance and cause premiums to skyrocket. To make matters worse, this Tax Scam sets the stage for massive cuts to Medicare. The DCCC released the following statement on the vote Representative Stefanik took today that will begin the process of reconciling the House and Senate versions of the GOP tax scam:

“Representative Stefanik is walking the plank to move forward this shameful Republican tax scam,” said DCCC Spokesman Evan Lukaske. “Not only will middle class families see tax hikes while corporations and the wealthy get tax breaks, but now Rep. Stefanik will be voting to strip health care from millions. This tax scam went from bad to worse and voters are going to hold Rep. Stefanik accountable for raising their taxes and taking away their healthcare.”

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