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Steve Bannon Headlines California GOP Convention – Where Are Congressional Republicans?

As Orange County Trends Democratic, Republicans’ Invitation to White Supremacist Unveils Divisions within GOP

IRVINE, CA – Ahead of white supremacist Steve Bannon’s speech this evening in Anaheim at the California GOP convention, California’s congressional Republicans have been silent. But this is the pivotal event in which California Republicans update their party platform, and having Bannon headline this event clearly sends a message.

Vulnerable Congressional Republicans have a choice to make – take a stand and publicly oppose Bannon, or stay silent and tacitly approve the direction of their party.

DCCC spokesperson Drew Godinich released the following statement:

“Republicans and Democrats should be able to agree that white supremacy and the politics of hate run contrary to the values that built this country. That’s why it’s no surprise that Californians in Orange County and across the state definitively rejected Steve Bannon and his vision for America last November. But as Steve Bannon is honored in Anaheim tonight – one of the most diverse and immigrant friendly cities in America – California’s Congressional Republicans are silent. They must make a choice – do they support Bannon or continue to remain silent?”


  •       Steve Bannon is being honored as the keynote speaker for the California Republican Convention in Orange County tonight
  •       Orange County definitively rejected Steve Bannon and Donald Trump last November, the first time a Republican presidential ticket had lost Orange County since 1936
  •       According to numbers pulled by the OC Register: “In 1990, county Republicans boasted a 22-percentage point advantage over Democrats among registered voters. That declined since — it’s now at 3.3 points — thanks to an increasingly diverse ethnic electorate and that fact that county voters under 35 prefer the Democratic Party to the GOP by a broad margin.”
  •       Steve Bannon has endorsed numerous candidates against establishment Republicans over the last few weeks

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