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Steve Cornwell: “Medicare is so bad.” “It’s a Horrible, Horrible Plan.”

Cornwell Makes It Clear He Won’t Fight to Protect Medicare or Defend Against Lawsuit to Gut Health Care for 13,000 Voters in NY-22

In the short amount of time he’s been running for Congress, Steve Cornwell has already made it clear that he will not be a champion for Medicare.

At his campaign launch, Cornwell called Medicare “such bad insurance.”  And in a radio interview after the launch, he actually said, “Medicare is so bad…it’s a horrible, horrible plan.” And at both events, he gave his professional analysis that Medicare “stinks.”


In all of this talk, Cornwell did not even comment on the lawsuit against the ACA that went to court for oral arguments in the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals yesterday. The lawsuit would raise health care costs, gut protections for millions with pre-existing conditions and jack-up prescription drug costs. If it’s successful, 13,000 residents of  New York’s 22nd district stand to lose their coverage. But Cornwell is instead focused on disparaging the essential health care source for the over 200,000 seniors in New York’s 22nd district who get their health care through Medicare.

Not exactly the best way to introduce yourself to voters…

“We’ve asked Steve Cornwell where he stands on health care, and we’ve gotten our answer,” said DCCC Spokesperson Christine Bennett. “It’s clear that Steve Cornwell is not on the side of the over 200,000 New Yorkers in the 22nd district who rely on Medicare for crucial health care coverage.”


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