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Stewart Mills Debuts Campaign with Tea Party Event –Still Says He’s Not a Tea Partyer

Stewart Mills III only “officially” launched his campaign this week, but he’s already trying to pull the wool over 8th District voters’ eyes.

In an earlier interview with the Mesabi Daily News, he claimed to be nothing more extreme than “conservative.”  This comes after spending much of 2014 denying the “Tea Party” label, despite receiving praise and endorsements from Tea Party leaders in Minnesota and nationwide.

Cut to yesterday, when Mills made his public debut at none other than an event held by – you guessed it – the Tea Party.

“For someone who says addressing Tea Partyers was like ‘speaking to the choir,’ you’d think Stewart Mills III would be more forthcoming about his Tea Party ties,” said Sacha Haworth, DCCC spokeswoman. “Trying to hide the truth from 8th District voters is not the best way to launch a campaign, and Stewart Mills should know that Minnesota voters don’t appreciate being misled.”


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