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Stewart Mills III Won’t Apologize for Jokes About Battered Women

Lately, multi-millionaire Stewart Mills III has been in the news for all the wrong reasons, refusing to apologize for shocking and sexist Facebook comments that demeaned women and joked about domestic violence.

This week in Duluth, a group of women gathered to demand Mills explain himself – and apologize.

“Joking about a battered-women’s shelter is telling women who are abused that they don’t matter.” – Lori Stavnes, Domestic Abuse Intervention Program

“All forms of abuse and violence against women are rooted in a lack of full respect for women as human beings… a problem that Mr. Stewart Mills has actively contributed to.” – Lindsay Brown, abuse survivor, Duluth

“The Facebook friend-only posts certainly don’t jibe with the public version of Mills who’s asking voters to send him to Washington, D.C. to represent their interests.” City Pages

“Jones said Mills needs to carefully consider whether a candidate who made the comments he did on Facebook should represent a district with more than 300,000 females living in it.” – Duluth News Tribune


Their request has gone unanswered:

Mills didn’t issue an apology on Wednesday.” – Duluth News Tribune

In the wake of this new scandal, news has broken that the multi-millionaire is on his third manager of the cycle; after his first quit to move to Iowa, Mills brought back the guy who helped him lose in 2014. However, the reunion was short-lived: soon after Mills’ derogatory Facebook posts were made public, it was reported Stewart is now on his third.

Ironically, Mills’ only female staffer was passed over for this promotion.

“Stewart Mills III needs to come out of hiding and explain why he thinks joking about battered women is ok – because it’s really not,” said Sacha Haworth of the DCCC.

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